The Experience

Titanic’s passenger accommodations were designed to impress and rivaled the finest hotels and restaurants ashore. The First Class Lounge was decorated in Louis XV style and was paneled in exquisitely carved oak. Here passengers enjoyed the plush comfort of the gold and green furniture as they socialized, wrote letters home or while being served the best English tea. The First Class Smoke Room was designed to emulate a gentleman’s club and was paneled in rich mahogany with inlaid mother of pearl. Here the world’s wealthiest passengers brokered business deals as they enjoyed the finest cigars and liqueurs.

The First Class grand staircase was the centerpiece of the ship. Spanning through seven decks, the foyers were elegantly paneled in oak and at the upper-most deck, the staircase was crowned by a wrought iron and glass dome, with a magnificent crystal chandelier in the centre. This was place to be seen, and to see fellow passengers dressed in the latest fashions newly purchased from Paris or London.

Titanic was the first ship to offer private balconies. Unlike the small balconies common today, Titanic’s were in the form of spacious promenades, nearly 15 meters long, heated and arranged with wicker furniture and greenery – they were the ultimate in sea-going luxury.